How to select a surface grinding wheel?

How to select a surface Grinding Wheel

Before getting into how to select a right type of Surface grinding wheel, it is important that you understand what a grinding wheel is all about. The grinding wheel is one of the important abrasives and is used as an abrasive tool. A grinding wheel is an abrasive that performs the same function as the teeth in a saw. The only difference in the grinding wheel and the saw is that in the grinding wheels the abrasive grains are distributed throughout the wheel. The functioning of the grinding wheel involves the thousands of these hard tough grains to move against the work-piece, in turn cutting the tiny chips of the material.

There are different types of abrasive suppliers applying different type of abrasive products for the wide array of grinding applications required in the operation of metalworking. It is very important that you choose the right type of material in order to save your time energy and money. So it is required to find the right type of surface grinding wheel for the proper and efficient application.

The composition of the surface grinding wheels

The major component of the grinding wheels consist of two things, one is the abrasive grains that perform the actual task of cutting and the other is the bond that is responsible for holding the grains together and supporting them while the abrasive grains cut them. The percentage of the grains and the bonds and their spacing determines the structure of the wheel and its efficiency in performing the cutting task.

The type of abrasive that is chosen in the wheel depends on the type of work material that it is going to interact with or the type of cutting it is required to do. A good abrasive surface grinding wheel can stay sharp with the minimum point dulling. For people who handle such abrasives, know that the dulling beings when the abrasive is fractured and new cutting points are created. Every abrasive that is used for metalwork has its own distinct property defining its hardness, strength, fracture toughness and resistance to impact.

Surface Grinding Wheel
surface grinding wheel

The types of material used for constructing a good and efficient surface grinding wheel

Only after coordinating the features of the abrasive with the metal required to cut, is when the ideal surface grinding wheel is employed for the work. The common type of the abrasive that is chosen for surface grinding tasks employs using grinding carbon steel, alloy steel, high-speed steel, annealed malleable iron, wrought iron, bronzes, and the other similar metals.  

Other combinations used include aluminum oxide abrasives, each of them specifically prepared for the particular types of grinding works.

The importance of the bonds in the surface grinding wheels

In order to allow the abrasive in the wheel to cut the surface effectively, there must be proper bonds present in the abrasive. The bond is responsible for holding the abrasive grains together so that they can perform their task efficiently. It also prevents the bond from wearing off.


Only after choosing the right abrasive material and bond is when a proper surface grinding wheel is chosen for the task.